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Wilwood Light Duty P&S/Anglia Spindle Mount

Part #WIL 140-3326

Wilwood Light Duty P&S/Anglia Spindle Mount

Light Duty Front Drag Kits are engineered for four-wheel disc brake equipped cars weighing less than 2400 pounds. Machined billet DLS calipers, forged billet hubs, lightweight steel alloy rotors, and PolyMatrix brake pads offer lasting performance with up to 50 pounds of weight savings off the front end. Check out the technical features and performance benefits of these classically styled kits.
High Strength Alloy Steel Rotors are light and strong with high thermal stability and resistance to distortion. The unique "window" design concentrates the rotor mass and retained heat in the pad sweep face. This design eliminates unnecessary rotating weight and reduces stress at the mounting flange caused by heat distortion. Hole patterns on the optional drilled version are specific to size and location to provide maximum weight reduction with durability and longest possible pad life. Every rotor is surface ground for precise thickness and parallelism, then black oxide finished to resist corrosion.