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Stage 4 Drag Race Car for Sale

Part #Stage 4

Stage 4 Drag Race Car for Sale

All Stage 2 cars come with a welded chassis and the components listed below. 9" Ford RJ custom-built 4130 sheet metal housing* 4130 4-Link bars and heims* 4130 wishbone and heims* 4130 anti-roll bar and heims* 4130 70" wheelie bars* heims and hardware* Strange double adjustable rear shocks and springs* NAS bolt kit for rear suspension* RJ/Strange Ultra Strut (single adj.)* Narrowed Rack and Pinion with tie rod tubes and heims* NAS bolt kit for front suspension BBC motorplate midmount for powerglide removeable 360 deg. front driveshaft loop and 12" tunnel* Strange steel rear brakes* Strange axles* bearings* studs Plus Stage 1